About Us

We are one of the top innovative fashion houses over the gulf, specializing in bridal, brides maid, mother of the bride, flower girl, cocktail, prom, traditional kaftans and other special occasion dresses and accessories.

E L E G A N C E  &  Q U A L I T Y . . .


Our designs are a combination of both
cultures, where East plays a great role in terms of the embroidery and
luxurious fabrics completed by unique Western cuts.


Our Collection

The wide size range and rich fabrics such as chantily laces, silk dupion, natural silk and satin, royal organza and quality craftsmanship accentuate the beauty of our collections.

Our Team


The designers behind the brand are the dynamic mother and daughter duo. Working closely in partnership with world leading factories and with the help of professional Lebanese designers, they have created a unique fashion line.

B R I D A L   C O U T U R E


N E W   A R R I V A L